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Our Favorite Dental Products!

Here is a list of some of Dr. Yoon’s favorite dental products for keeping your mouth clean and healthy!

We love electric toothbrushes!  The Oral-B Professional Care is one of our favorites.  Electric toothbrushes have been shown to remove more plaque and keep gums healthier than manual brushes. This Oral-B is Professional Care is rechargable and easy to travel with.  The brushheads are also easy to change or replace and it’s a great value!

Sensodyne Pronamel is a fluoride toothpaste that can be used every day.  It has very low abrasiveness so that it’s gentle on your tooth enamel and it also can provide relief from tooth sensitivity.

Glide is our favorite dental floss!  It has a special coating that allows it to slide through tight contacts much more smoothly than regular dental flosses.  If it’s "too hard to floss" this may be the product for you!

Act Restoring is a mouth rinse that can be used daily.  It contains fluoride to strengthen teeth, kills bacteria in the mouth, and is also alcohol-free so that it does not irritate the mouth.

Act Anticavity is a great daily rinse for kids.  It helps fight cavities and it a must for patients who wear braces!

Biotene is a rinse meant to be used by patients who suffer from a dry mouth.  It’s a gentle alohol-free rinse that soothes the irriation and soreness caused by decreased salivary flow.

Dr. Yoon is a general dentist in North Andover, MA.  He provides general comprehensive dental care with his team for children and adults.

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