Clear-aligner Orthodontics

Many patients are interested in straightening their teeth, but want to avoid wearing traditional braces.  Clear orthodontic aligners offer our patients a way to address minor orthodontic issues in a more convenient, comfortable, and cosmetic way.

After collecting and studying models, images, and radiographs of the teeth and jaws, patients are made a series of clear plastic aligners which are worn on the teeth.  The aligners are worn in order and switched every 2-3 weeks until the teeth have reached the desired position.  This process can take several weeks to several months.  The aligners should be worn all of the time, but are removed for eating and cleaning the teeth for more comfortable meals and better oral hygiene.

Clear aligners can be a great way to fix minor crowding and spacing of the front teeth.  Straighter teeth are not only pretty, but easier to keep clean and healthy as well.