Crowns and Bridges


A crown is a type of dental restoration that is often recommended to restore a broken or compromised tooth.  Common reasons for a crown are when teeth have large fillings that are broken, when teeth have developed cracks or fractures, and when a tooth has had previous root canal therapy.  Crowns are usually made from ceramic which is a very strong and natural looking material.  In  many cases, a crown can be the best way to fix a structurally weak tooth so that it is both beautiful and stong enough to last a very long time.


When a tooth is missing, but there are still teeth remaining next to the empty space, a fixed bridge can be a great option for permanent tooth replacement.    A bridge is a replacement tooth (or teeth) that is held permanently in place by attaching to crowns on the adjacent teeth.  A bridge is often the best option to replace missing teeth when dental implants are not an option and when a patient wants to avoid a removable partial denture.