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Preventing and Managing Medical Emergencies at the Dentist’s Office

Last night Michelle, Samantha, and I attended a lecture on managing medical emergencies that may occur at the dentist’s office.  This course was provided by Dr. Moavenian and Dr. Braasch who run an outstanding oral surgery practice with locations in both Salem and Nashua, New Hampshire. 

At any dental office it’s necessary to be prepared and trained to deal with medical emergencies.  Common ones that we prepare for are fainting, allergic reactions, asthma attacks, seizures, blood sugar issues, and heart issues.

We prepare for potential emergencies by taking a thorough medical history of our patients, regular training and re-certification for emergency management, and maintaining emergency medications, oxygen, and an emergency defibrillator. We also try to make our appointments as relaxed and stress-free for our patients as possible.

Preparing to deal with a potential medical problem is essential.  However, prevention is always best.  Here are a couple tips to reduce your chances of having a medical emergency at the dental office or anywhere else.

-Know your own medical history.  See a physician regularly for checkups, even when you are healthy.

-Be open, honest, and thorough when we ask about your medical history.  Tell us about all of your past medical issues, current medications, and known allergies.  No detail is too small or irrelevant.  If you can’t remember something, tell us so we can find out.

-Communicate with us.  Tell us if you aren’t feeling well.  Tell us if you fainted once when you had a filling done.  Let us know if there’s anything we can do to make you more comfortable. Tell us if you forgot to take your usual medication today.

-Be prepared.  If you have an inhaler, epi-pen, nitro tablets, or any other emergency medications that your physician has prescribed for you please bring them to you appointments. 

Thanks, and keep it safe.


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